Headlines 11-15-10

Monday November 15th 2010

First congratulations to German Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing on his win at Yaz Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi yesterday. The win and Spanish Ferrari driver, Fernando Alonso’s inability to pass Renault’s Vitaly Petrov made Vettel the youngest ever to win the Formula One driver’s championship, adding to Red Bull Renault’s constructor’s championship.

In other sports news– English Premier league leader Chelsea was thumped by mid-table Sunderland 3-0 yesterday. That has to be embarrassing.

A tragic fire in a Shanghi high rise caused at least 12 deaths.

Headline– Facebook to launch a Gmail killer. Just what I need another email addy to track. And since I am not party to the Wastebook mania, it will be easy to avoid. Hope to have a post ready later on the war between Facebook and Google for your data, dollars and soul.

January 1, 1946, the baby boomers started emerging. 77 million people qualify as “Baby Boomers.” Congratulations to all those who find themselves evolving into their senior years. Got Viagra.

That from USA Today. umm, not the Viagra part. Story

The Irish have refused bail out assistance from the EU. So, far. Germany seems to be in the driver’s seat as to the future of the welfare nations inside the European Union. The tough economic stance by the Germans could force countries such as Greece into bankruptcy.

China has taken over as owner of the world’s most powerful supercomputer. The new Chinese champion computer can do 2.67 penatflops (quadrillions of calculations a second). Not sure about you but my 2.8 is doing just fine. Story

On a positive note, we have great weather here today. Hope you enjoy the same.

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