Dystopia or Myopia

Police or Idiot State?

Conservatives have long been criticized, probably aptly so, for not being able to give up the past and join the modern era.  I suggest many of today’s elderly liberal & conservative sees only the “old writing” on the wall, unable to translate what they learned from their teen and early 20s “perfect world, “thinking”.  Remember that as teenagers the majority of us were liberals.  We rebelled against our parents’ doctrines as an act of transforming ourselves from dependents to independent thinkers.
Along the path to parenthood we found religion, so to speak, and, started paying our own bills.  We also began to see the irresolvable inequities in the world.  There was a dawning with us that, yes, the world should be perfect, but, no it was not, and probably would not be.  My dawning came in the mid 1960’s when I stood at Checkpoint Charlie and saw the enemy, my enemy across a barren strip of land laced with trip wires and land mines..

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